A Spiritual View of Cure

by Kjetill Oftedal, BSc, MDSKH

“My religion consists of a humble admiration of the illimitable superior spirit who reveals himself in the slight details we are able to perceive with our frail and feeble mind.” – Albert Einstein.

 ”You cannot divorce Medicine and Theology. Man exists all the way down, from his innermost Spiritual, to his outermost Natural.”  – James Tyler Kent.

“The highest ideal of cure is rapid, gentle and permanent restoration of the health, or removal and annihilation of the disease in its whole extent, in the shortest, most reliable, and most harmless way, on easily comprehensible principles.” – Samuel Hahnemann.


You may not agree with the world view presented below, but you might adopt it as a hypothetical model for the purpose of gaining a new understanding of the world of man and the treatment of illness.

If some part of this view rings a bell – resonates within you – you might profit well from investigating it further.

References are given at the end of this article.

A World View

The Physical World (the condensed spiritual world)

Man lives in a world consisting of finer and finer particles. We are all familiar with the physical world and its solids, liquids and gases. There exist four more levels of particles on the physical plane known as the etheric levels (E1–E4). On these levels atoms and molecules split up to recombine in chemical reactions (level E4), there is transmission of sound (level E3) and light (level E2), and memory (level E1).

The smallest particle at the E1 level — called the Anu — is a spinning, heart-shaped vortex composed of ten parallel-flowing, energy lines – four more prominent than the others – forming a kind of heart-shaped cage, the parallel energy lines inverting at the top into an internal vortex which then passes down in a cylindrical spiral to enter the external vortex again at the bottom, repeating the flow cycle.

On a closer look, these energy lines are actually spirals, each recurring in a six fold level of nested surrounding spiral lines. The anu appears in positive and negative versions with opposite rotation. Hydrogen has 18 anu, gold 3545 anu.

Images of anus:

See https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Da1caAYlWVI for some illustrative animations.

In addition to an atmosphere of gas particles, the Earth has an interspersed etheric atmosphere which also contains vitality particles generated by the Sun, which in man are absorbed by the spleen, resolved and distributed throughout the body in different energy forms. The vitality particles are found in greater concentrations in equatorial latitudes due to the greater amount of sunlight.

As the vitality particles are produced by sunlight, their concentration diminishes after sundown so that hours of sleep before midnight rejuvenate the body more than hours after midnight.

Just as the atmosphere has birds and insects, the etheric atmosphere is inhabited by beings called devas, leprechauns, gnomes, etc. and elementals (primal energies of fire, water, air and earth). Most of these beings can solidify their bodies if they wish to become visible to man, although they seldom do as man’s aura is often repellent to them. Their functions include guiding the growth of plants and minerals, maintaining the laws of physics.

The Astral World

Above the physical level there is the astral world – the world of the emotions. At the boundary between E1 and the first astral level an anu can convert into 49 astral particles, which process is reversed by 49 astral particles converting to one E1 particle, thus maintaining a balanced flow between the levels.

The Earth has an astral envelope which also contains the emotional bodies of people, to a lesser extent of animals – even a portion from plants. The emotions people generate thus enter into the astral atmosphere, like emotions attracting like emotions and accumulating into clouds of emotional energy in the astral atmosphere of the Earth – similar to white clouds of water vapor.

The astral level is where you go while you sleep, the land of dreams – also where you first go when you die. Drug users are bounced into this level, experiencing many visions, deranging their own astral body structures, while supporting crime and violence elsewhere committed by drug cartels dedicated to supplying the drugs they use. Not a very good shared karma.

Many people explore the astral atmosphere by means of conscious astral travel — you might think of it as a kind of sky diving. There are even clubs for this. Traveling in your astral body you can go anywhere in the world to see what is happening, read a newspaper, check on your loved one. When people die they rush to their loved ones and are often seen by them, also in dreams.

Astral beings

Besides the recently dead, a multitude of beings live on the astral plane. Some of these beings are far from pleasant, such as black magicians and demons, who seek to manipulate weak-minded souls – among others, recreational drug abusers and those who take psychoactive drugs prescribed by psychiatrists – into committing crimes such as, arson, rape, mass murder and/or suicide.

Some malicious astral beings seek to set themselves up as local gods, terrorizing local villagers into offering food and alcohol. Often the witch doctor is the intermediate. If such offerings are not placed, a child will die, an epidemic will afflict villagers, or dwellings will burn.

In some cases such gods demand blood sacrifices. Examples of this are the Aztec priests tearing out hearts, the tortures and burnings of the Inquisition, Middle Age witch burnings, and religions practicing animal and human sacrifices to appease a particular god or the gods.

Emotion clouds

The emotion of anger collects from many sources into large clouds of anger, which seek a discharge outlet much like rain-laden and electrically charged clouds do. Only the discharge of anger clouds occurs through the aggressive actions of people or groups who discharge such clouds, i.e., through violence, murder, conflicts, wars.

Next time you hear about violence or a murder committed in anger, or a war going on, you are partly to blame in a miniscule way if you have ever expressed anger.

Hate and other emotions have a similar life cycle. Thus, clouds of accumulated negative emotions wreak havoc on the Earth somewhere, whether through wars, destructive weather, earthquakes, volcanoes, epidemics, etc.

Environments near slaughterhouses are tainted with a special tinge of fear.

Positive emotions also gather in clouds and, of course, have beneficial effects.

Earth conditions

Conditions on Earth would improve vastly if man would control his emotional outbursts and negative thoughts.

As people on Earth at this stage in evolution are mainly emotional, i.e. centered in their emotional bodies rather than in their mental bodies, the greatest destruction comes about via the emotional atmosphere.

Reading a history book, you can appreciate that quite an amount of astral emotional garbage has accumulated throughout the centuries and needs to be cleaned up — like the vast areas of the Pacific ocean full of floating plastic waste.

In the next cycle around –- the fifth — people will be centered in their mental bodies, normal individuals having the mental capacity of an Einstein. Thus goes evolution.

The Mental World

The Earth is also surrounded by a mental atmosphere. A physical manifestation of this is the Internet. The mental particles of people are emanated as thought forms, where like also attracts like, forming clouds of mental thought forms.

Telepathy functions via the mental atmosphere of the Earth, just as radio and television work via the etheric atmosphere.

Such mind level clouds apply to any group or nation, forming a sort of public opinion library, or group mind, that a majority of the population subscribe to.

For example, some people will only believe something if most of the people in the group or nation believe the same thing, whereas individualists are capable of holding their own opinions regardless of what other people believe.

This group mind is amenable to change as is current fashion. However, the collective unconscious of the group remains rather fixed. Here you see unconsciously driven behavior patterns in men and women which differ from one nation to the other.

As with negative emotions, negative thoughts also cause destruction, although not on such a vast scale as negative emotion clouds since, as noted, the latter have many more contributors.

The mental atmosphere also has many types of living beings, including angels and advanced masters who have graduated from the cycle of Earth lives and are aiding the progress of the human race.

People who have died and passed through the astral world where their astral body disintegrates wind up here with their accumulated life-experience wisdom, in preparation for bringing this with them into their next incarnation. It is called the heaven world, with four lower and three higher levels.

The Spiritual World

Above the mental world you find the spiritual world, which consists of even finer particles than those of the worlds below it. The spiritual world has several levels.

This is the world of archangels, of archetypal forms that are used as blueprints for producing forms manifested on the physical level, such as the numerous models of humans, animals, plants and minerals seen on Earth.

No, contrary to popular superstition, bodies did not develop accidentally from the primal soup, they were designed and tweaked, new models evolving all the time.

Those who can reach this first level above the mental plane have the ability to know just by observing the object of their attention. No need to think, thus making instant action possible. A tall new race is being born now, interspersed among the existing races, in which people are developing this ability — the sixth Aryan subrace.

At these levels it is possible to develop microscopic vision and look at atoms and molecules as they really are without disturbing them — even hold them still. Vibrations at this level are so rapid that spiritual waves looking at an atom will disturb its motion as much as light waves from a flashlight aimed at the Earth would disturb its motion.

This is not possible on the physical plane as light or electron beams used to view atoms will disturb them, making resolution limited.

Most of the elements — and some undiscovered ones — have been examined using this microscopic vision, and their structures and disintegration behavior mapped out. This work was done at the end of the 1800s and the early 1900s. Someday a bright mind will integrate this knowledge with that of modern physics.

Levels higher than this involve pure will and beingness, with exit points to other cosmic dimensions.

The Earth consists of all these layers surrounding it. As the Earth is a living being, often called Gaia, she possesses the same energy field anatomy as humans.

Gaia is hollow – as are the other heavenly bodies – with entrances at the north and south poles. An advanced people lives within the Earth, in a region called Agartha. Part of the population consists of giants who can be up to six meters tall. Skeletons of such giants have been found on the surface of the Earth, but explained away. Flying saucers often enter and leave Agartha from an air base located there.

Other species live within the 1200 km thick crust of Gaia, most likely including Bigfoot. The crust is crisscrossed by tunnels constructed ages ago in which vehicles travel at very high speeds.

Agartha has several entry points for people who wish to go there, one being at Mount Shasta in California. Books on Agartha and the Inner Earth can be purchased from Amazon.

Extending beyond the Earth to our solar system, the planets and the Sun all have corresponding energy fields.

The axiom “As above, so below” applies ad infinitum beyond our solar system.

The Homeopathic Connection

What does all this have to do with patients?

As can be appreciated, man is an immortal, conscious energy field controlling and occupying a mortal physical body. This conscious energy field is evolving through eons of time to reach perfection in some distant epoch, after which further vistas will open up.

In polar contrast to this you have the currently prevalent view of materialistic science and medicine that man is a mortal animal, a self-evolved biological machine consisting of known chemical elements — mostly carbon, hydrogen and oxygen — whose brain consciousness consists of thoughts produced by more or less random chemical processes. When the machine stops working at death, consciousness follows suit, and all becomes a vast black nothingness — a bleak dead end.

Cryogenics — on which millionaires spend vast sums of money in the hope of being revived from a frozen state on some advanced technical day — is a futile attempt at bypassing this dreary end. They forget that their real self is the conscious energy field, which departed at physical body death and is now busy living life with a family elsewhere.

If their body is revived, some other conscious energy field in the neighborhood will snatch the opportunity and make use of it. However, due to evolution this body will already be outdated – an old model.

Just as the physical body has an anatomic structure, so does this energy field. It has spiritual, mental, emotional and etheric subenergy fields, also known as bodies. Each of these bodies has its own anatomic structure and illnesses, which interconnect with any of the other bodies and can be anchored in any of them.

The difference between these energy fields is rate of vibration, starting from the lowest level, each body being composed of finer and finer particles. This means that the etheric body consists of particles that are finer than gas particles, the emotional body consists of particles that are finer than etheric body particles, the mental body of even finer particles, and the spiritual body of the finest and most rapidly vibrating particles.

Particles constantly convert from one body up to the next body and back again as mentioned above. This relationship repeats upwards into the higher levels, thus multiplying into finer and finer particles on the way up – or the way in, depending on how you look at it.

Therefore, treating a person with medicine that mainly acts on physical body particles can be appreciated as a limited approach, and likely a symptom-suppressive one. There are many more important levels to take into consideration, in particular, as the physical body is created and held together by the etheric energy field that contains its exact blueprint — a man with an amputated leg still feels the leg. A leaf photographed using a Kirlian camera after being cut in two shows a diffuse etheric image of the part cut off. Without an intact etheric energy field the physical body dies and disintegrates.

At cemeteries you can see a grey mist above the graves of the recently dead. This is the etheric body departing, allowing the dead physical body to decompose into basic substances for reuse by Nature, although a very few recently dead refuse to die from the physical plane and seek to keep the dead body alive by vampirism and other black magic, causing child deaths in nearby populations to collect life force.

About two centuries ago, the German doctor Samuel Hahnemann discovered the homeopathic  principle of cure known as “Like cures like”  — that substances capable of causing a symptom in a healthy person can cure such a symptom in a sick person. He also developed a way to energize remedy substances, such as elements, minerals, plant components and other substances, up to the fine vibrational levels of the etheric body, and beyond. Most forms of homeopathic remedies no longer contain any molecules of the original remedy substance energized.

Thus, homeopathic remedies contain no chemical agents, no chemical principle, but rather energy information the operating system of the body can use to heal the various bodies – an energy principle. The millennia of evolution man has passed through have stored self-healing mechanisms within the human body, and intelligent nature has deposited curative remedies in animal, plant and mineral life. Such healing mechanisms are activated in homeopathic remedies.

A symptom is a warning bell that something is wrong somewhere, whether on the spiritual, mental, emotional, etheric or physical level — or several of them. The higher the level on which therapy for the symptom is given, the more effective it will be.

Such therapy should not be directed at suppressing a symptom as this will only drive it deeper into the organism and aggravate the disturbance that was causing the suppressed symptom. Unfortunately, this is the approach of orthodox medicine, leading to populations popping handfuls of pills each day to keep down symptoms caused by symptom suppression and drug side effects, with drastically reduced life quality. A lucrative business, indeed.

By a process of testing homeopathic remedies, Hahnemann found that remedy substances, such as elements, minerals, plant juices, etc. can cause physical, emotional and mental symptoms.

He initiated an encyclopedic collection of these symptoms from his and others´ remedy testing — called provings — which is published in what is called a Materia Medica, wherein symptoms are listed under mental, emotional and physical categories to be used for comparison with the symptoms of patients.

This is why normally only one pill is needed to activate the healing process as the pill has been selected to cover as nearly as possible the entire symptom picture of the patient — from the physical up to the spiritual levels. Once the process is activated, it has proven counter-productive to try to boost it by taking more pills, the process must be given time to complete its work.

People are used to taking the pills prescribed by doctors daily, even for the rest of their lives. Therefore, they are surprised, and often feel cheated, when a homeopath gives them just one tiny pill to dissolve on the tongue and tells them to return in a month to see how the person´s chronic condition is progressing. Compared to what they are used to, this seems like madness. However, it is not madness, results show that it is efficient modern medicine.

A homeopath will note down all past and present symptoms of a patient: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. This is done to be able to determine which remedy best fits the entire symptom picture.

Thus, the entire human being at all levels is taken into consideration, rather than just some physical symptoms. Moreover, this method makes it possible to treat people before physical symptoms manifest, when a person only manifests emotional, mental and/or spiritual symptoms.

Thus, a complete system of cure has been developed for all the levels of the human being, which, by the way, also works on animals – and plants.

Man is a complex combination of energy fields, which are all evolving, and homeopathy is a therapeutic approach that takes these fields into account. It is a next step up from purely physical medicine, and those who can appreciate its therapeutic possibilities can make use of and benefit from them.


The time has come for people to take a more in-depth view of the world so as to improve world conditions, which, to say the least, are reminiscent of a madhouse. If we are to prevent being obliterated by ourselves or by Nature in self-defense, we have to look at the man in the mirror and do something, raise the level of one´s consciousness and purify the body, emotions, thoughts and spiritual life.

This needs to occur so that the new age of comprehensive scientific reason can be born without catastrophic delivery complications. Please take heed and pass the word.


Works of C.W. Leadbeater, Annie Besant, H.P. Blavatsky, Alice Bailey.

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