Review by Niki Taylor for La Chispa magazine, Andalucía, Spain

As a student of homeopathy I jumped at the chance to review this book. I found it to be a comprehensive and extensive resource which will be extremely useful when treating myself and my family.

It covers acute illness in a variety of situations from bites and stings to support during pregnancy and travel abroad. The book will quickly guide you to the remedy needed to treat whatever complaint you might have, and will also help you develop a personalized first aid kit.

It also teaches us how to safely and effectively increase our immunity and take control of our health.

It explains to us how homeopathic medicine is prepared and prescribed, using example cases, allowing the reader to more fully understand how this form of medicine works.

However it goes further than that, intriguing the reader with a perceptive look at the history of homeopathy from its development over the years to a more recent appraisal of its place in our medical system especially in relation to serious illnesses like Cancer and Aids.

A must have for anyone interested in being healthy and as the author himself says “The key is to use it and gain experience.”

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