Mini Introduction to Homeopathy eCourse
A five hour course

Learn about the basics of homeopathy:

  • Its history
  • The basic theory
  • Types of remedies used
  • A number of example cases
  • How to treat various acute illnesses including the flu
  • How to prevent illness
  • Recommended books

This course serves as a good introduction to homeopathy and shows you how to treat many acute problems.

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Basic Homeopathy eCourse
A 60 hour course

This course covers the following:

  • A short history of homeopathy
  • Definitions and theory
  • Acute remedies
  • Many case histories
  • Taking a case
  • Finding the remedy
  • How to administer remedies
  • Preventive homeopathic vaccination
  • Treatment of flu
  • Treatment of bird flu
  • Treatment of aids

You will have the opportunity to do practical work with acute remedies under supervision.

This course serves as a very thorough introduction to classical homeopathic practice and qualifies you to treat a large number of acute problems.

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After receiving you user and password by e-mail you can click here to start the course:

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