Making Homeopathic Remedies for Special Purposes

You can make an effective home-made homeopathic remedy for anything that might be causing an adverse effect on you, such as:

  • A local skin exposure to a chemical
  • A medicine, drug or chemical that has made you feel ill
  • Disagreeable effects of chemotherapy (obtain a very tiny pinhead sample of the chemotherapy substance, or get the chemical cadmium sulfate, CaSO4, from a materials or chemist’s shop to make the remedy – see note below)
  • Any electromagnetic radiationyou have been exposed to that you feel has adversely affected your health
  • Exposure to radiation (see the article Treating Radiation Exposure with Classical Homeopathy under Articles on this blog for further details)
  • Exposure to X-rays (use cadmium sulfate, CaSO4, or sunlight to make a remedy for this, see note below)
  • Exposure to a particular magnetic field
  • Exposure to a particular electric field
  • The wound from an animal bite
  1. Obtain a tiny sample of the offending substance or influence, or from a wound.
    If it is a solid substance you can soak it in water for some hours and use a portion of this water, say 1 ml, as a sample for making your remedy.
    If it is an influence (vibration, electromagnetic field, radiation, light, etc.), expose some milk sugar (lactose powder) to it for some hours and use a portion of the milk sugar, say 1 g, as a sample.
  2. Put the sample into a small bottle you can cap, and fill it with water (clean tap water, distilled water,  spring water).
  3. Holding the bottle in your hand, strike your hand forcefully 40 times on a hard surface such as a book.
  4. Pour out the contents of the bottle into the sink.
  5. Refill the bottle with water.
  6. Repeat steps three to five the number of times (say n) necessary to obtain the potency you want.
    To keep it simple and safe use n=12 as any traces of poison chemical will have completely disappeared by then.
    This means that you have to repeat steps 3–5 twelve times.
    Values of n from 3 to 30 are often used – where 3, 6, 12 and 30 are the usual potencies made.
  7. To the final solution you need to leave room for adding 20% alcohol (vodka, brandy or whisky) as a preservative to avoid the growth of fungus, etc.

How to take the remedy

  1. Take some drops of the remedy a number of times each day, for example, 3–5 times a day, until you notice a change for better or worse.
    If you have become better, don’t take any more of the remedy unless you get worse again.
  2. If you have become worse, wait until the worse condition ends.
    If you then feel better with more energy and greater well being, don’t take any more of the remedy unless you get worse again.
  3. Proceed with steps one and two above until your improvement is stable, or you feel it is time to stop.

Note:  If you have a homeopathic pharmacy available, instead of making the cadmium sulfate remedy yourself, you could purchase the homeopathic remedy Calcium Sulphuricum 12C from the pharmacy and take it as indicated above since this will be more effective. Milk sugar (lactose) is known as sac lac by the pharmacy, so just order sac lac.

Homeopathic remedies can be obtained from the web:

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